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St. Thomas Malankara Catholic Church, Valliyanthy.


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December 2014

1.12.2014 Beginning of the Twenty-Fice Days Nombu.
7.12.2014 Birth of John the Baptist,
Bible Sunday
8.12.2014 Immaculate Conception of Bl. Virigin Mary
14.12.2014 Apparition of the Angel to St. Joseph

December  2014

16.12.2014 Erection of the Eparchy of Marthandom
21.12.2014 Sunday before Yaldo.
25.12.2014 Yaldo (Christmas)
26.12.2014 Exaltation of Mary, the Mother of God
28.12.2014 i Sunday after Yaldo

KMRM Officials meet H.L. Bishop Camillo Ballin, MCCJ, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia 16.12.2014

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The Managing committee and the Advisory Board members of KMRM visited H.L Bishop Camillo Ballin, on 16th December 2014 at his office at the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City and rendered our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to him.

His Lordship extended his wishes and blessings to the newly elected office bearers of KMRM. KMRM officials handover a copy of KMRM annual Planner 2014-15 to the bishop and officially invited him to the upcoming family get together “Bethlehem Nite 2015”.

Mr. George Mathew (President,KMRM), Mrs. Sajitha Skaria (General Secretary, KMRM), Mr. K.K. Babu (Treasurer, KMRM), Mr. O.M. Mathew (Chairman, Advisory Board), and other committee and advisory board members were present.

Hearty welcome Rev.Fr. Jubi Peter 15.12.2014

Rev. Fr. Jubi Peter hails from St. Thomas Catholic Church, Puthenpeedika in the Eparchy of Pathanamthitta. He is incardinated to the Eparchy of Puttur in Karnataka. At present he serves as the Rector of the Minor Seminary of the Eparchy of Puttur. He did his studies in philosophy and theology in St. Mary's Malankara Seminary, Trivandrum and was ordained in December 2001.

He will be in Kuwait for one month. It is his first visit to a Gulf country. Let us welcome Rev. Fr. Jubi Peter and wish him all the best!

Obituary 15.12.2014

Mr. Varghese Pattiyanickal(59), brother of Mr. Thomas Pattiyanickal [T007], St. Paul's prayer group Reggae was called to heaven for his eternal reward.

May his soul rest in peace. Funeral will take place on Monday 15th December 2014 at St. John's Cathedral Thiruvalla. KMRM express our heart-felt condolence on his demise and pray to the almighty that the bereaved family may find solace in God.

Christmas & New Year Program Schedule 13.12.2014

25.12.2014 Thursday 3.00am Yaldo Service& Holy Mass at Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait
28.12.2014 Sunday 7.00pm Holy Mass at St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya(I Basement)
31.12.2014 Wednesday 7.00pm Holy Mass, and Adoration at St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya(II Basement)
1.1.2015 Thursday 3.00pm Holy Mass at Ahmadi Parish
1.1.2015 Thursday 7.00pm Holy Mass at Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait
2.1.2015 Friday 7.00pm New Year thanks giving service at Shaab Basement(Salmiya Parish)

Arrangements for Confession in Malayalam as follows.

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6.30pm to 8.30pm, 16th Tuesday, Holy Family Cathedral

5.30pm to 8.30pm 17th Wednesday, Salmiya

5.00pm to 8.30pm 20th Saturday, Ahmadi

5.00pm to 9.00pm 22nd Monday, Abbasiya.

Bethlehem Night-2015 8.12.2014

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KMRM Christmas Carol -2014 5.12.2014

Abbasiya, Sector1, St. Johns Prayer Group
Days  12/12, 13/12, 19/12, 20/12
Abbasiya, Sector2, St. Mary's Prayer Group
Days 5/12,12/12, 19/12, 20/12
Abbasiya, Sector3, Shalom Prayer Group
Days: 5/12, 12/12, 19/12
Abbasiya, Sector4, St. Thomas Prayer Group
Days: 5/12,12/12, 19/12
Fahaheel, Mary Matha Prayer Group
Days: 5/12,12/12,13/12,19/12
Salmiya, Mar Ivanios Prayer Group
Days: 5/12, 6/12, 12/12, 13/12, 19/12
Reggae, St. Paul's Prayer Group
Days: 12/12, 19/12

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Inauguration of KMRM Christmas Carol-2014 4.12.2014

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The inauguration of the carol service for the year 2014 was held at City Cathedral after the Holy Mass. Mr. Jomon Cherian (Working Secretary, KMRM) addresses the function. Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal handed over the Christmas messages to Abbasiya Carol Convener Mr. M.J.John and gave necessary instructions to all carol participants. After that, the first Carol Song sang by few members in front on the addressees.  Mr. George Mathew (President, KMRM),  Mr. Santhosh George (Carol Programme General Convener) and Mr. Shibu Jacob(Jt. Treasurer) were present.

Yuvajyothi Released Calendar-2015  4.12.2014

Yuvajothi released calendar for the year 2015 after the Holy Mass on 4th December 2014. Mr.Jobin Thomas(Jt.Convener, YuvaJyothi) handed over the copy to Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal to release officially. After releasing the calendar Rev.Dr. John handed over same to Calendar Sale Convener Mr. Jinu K. Abraham. Special thanks to Mr. Jobin Babu who designed the Calendar. Mr. George Mathew (President, KMRM), Mr. Jomon Cherian (Working Secretary, KMRM) and Mr. Suresh P.John (Animator, YuvaJyothi) were present.

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Altar Server's Day 28.11.2014

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The Altar Server’s day has celebrated on 27th November 2014, during the Holy Mass at Virgin Mary Hall, Kuwait City Cathedral on the occasion of the feast of St. John Berchmans, heavenly patron of Altar Servers. The day was especially dedicated to the children who serve as altar servers. This Altar Server’s day was organized by KMRM as part of their planner programs. KMRM presented Special Gift, as a token of appreciation to all Altar Serving People. [ALBUM]

YuvaJyothi - Sweet of Santa Inaugurated 28.11.2014

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Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal inaugurated Sweet of Santa, a major program of YuvaJyothi on 27th November 2014 after the Holy Mass. Sweet of Santa is a Christmas Cake sale program, and revenues from this program will be shared for Charity. Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal received the cake from Mr. Robi Skaria (Convener, YuvaJyothi) and Suresh P. John (Animator, YuvaJyothi), blessed and handed it over to Mr. George Mathew (President, KMRM). Mr. Jobin Thomas (jt.Convener, YuvaJyothi) thanked all and requested support from all KMRM members.

Smt. Sajitha Skaria (General Secretary, KMRM), Sri. KK Babu (Treasurer, KMRM) , Sri Jomon Cherian (Working Secretary, KMRM) were present in that function. [ALBUM]

Farewell to Sri. Abraham Varghese 28.11.2014

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Sri. Abraham Varghese [A007], St. Mary's Prayer Group is relocating to Kerala. Rev.Dr.John Padipurackal presented a token of appreciation to sri. Abraham Varghese, on behalf of KMRM on 27th November 2014.

Sri. Abraham Varghese belongs to St. Jude Catholic Church, Cheriyanad, Mavelikkara Diocese. Sri George Mathew (President, KMRM), Smt. Sajitha Skaria (General Secretary, KMRM), Sri. K.K Babu (Treasurer, KMRM), Sri. Jomon Cherian (Working Secretary, KMRM) with other KMRM Managing committee members wished him success for his future mission. KMRM best wishes. [ALBUM]

Haritholsav 2015 - Raffle Coupon Inauguration 20.11.2014

KMRM released the Raffle coupons for the upcoming Harvest Festival, HARITHOLSAV-2015 on 20th November 2014, after the Holy Mass at Virgin Mary Hall, Kuwait City Cathedral. Mrs. Sajitha Skaria(General Secretary), Mr. George Mathew(President), Mr. Shibu Jacob(Jt. Treasurer) and Mr. Shibu P. Cherian (General Convener) detailed the purpose of the mega event.

The raffle coupon was released by Rev.Dr. John Padipurackal, and the first sale made to following people on respective prayer groups/associations. Mr. Geevarghese Mathew (Sector1), Mr. Geroge Rajan (Sector 2), Mr. Rajan Mathew (Shalom), Mr. O.M. Mathew (St. Thomas), Mr. Alexander Thangalathil (St. Pauls), Mr. Kuriakose Jospeh(Mar Ivanios), Mr.V.I. Philip (Mary Matha), Mrs. Valsa George (Friends of Mary), and Mr. Jobin Thomas (Yuvajyothi). Finally, the session concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Georgekutty Lawrence (Vice-President).

HARITHOLSAV-2015 is scheduled on 13th February 2015. All the KMRM Members are requested to support and participate whole-heartedly for the success of the mega event HARITHOLSAV-2015.


Faith Formation Bible Quest 17.11.2014

KMRM is introducing faith formation Bible programme.  Bible Reading, One chapter per Day. The terms are provided in the below sheet. Click the image for the higher resolution image and also available in pdf format. The schedule for the Bible reading sequence daily for every three months is provided in the below three images, image1(Nov,Dec,Jan), image2 (Feb, Mar, Apr), image3 (May, Jun, Jul) also in pdf. The Bible Quest event will be once in every three months, and the details provided in the below topic image, also in pdf format.

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Holy MASS Schedule

Every Thursdays 07.00 pm
Virgin Mary Hall
Kuwait City Cathedral

Every Sundays 07.30 pm
St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

2nd Monday 07.30 pm
Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

3rd Monday 07.30 pm
St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

Prayer Schedule

Sector 1, St. Johns Prayer Group :: S034 at 5.00 pm on Friday, December 19, 2014
Sector 2, St. Mary's Prayer Group :: W003 at 5.00 pm on Friday, December 19, 2014
Sector 3, Shalom Prayer Group :: K005 at 6.00 pm on Friday, December 19, 2014