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March 2017

March 2017

5.03.2017 Garbo Sunday (Curing the Leper)
II Sunday of the Great Fast
Anniversary of the Enthronment of Moran Mor baselios
Cardinal Cleemis as Major Archbishop-Catholicos.

12.03.2017 M'shario Sunday (Curing the Paralytic)
III Sunday of the Great Fast

March 2017

19.03.2017 Cnanoitho Sunday (Curing the daughter of Cananite Woman), IV Sunday of the Great Fast
22.03.2017 Middle day of the Great Fast.
Erection of Gogultho.
25.03.2017 Annunciation of Bl. Virgin Mary
26.03.2017 K'piphtho Sunday(Curing the Crippled Woman)
V Sunday of the Great Fast

Projwela 2017

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Syro Malankara Faith Formation Faculty 2016-17.

Another Milestone for KMRM 27.03.2017

YUVA T20 Cup-Season IV 20.03.2017

KMRM - YUVA JYOTHI, organised fourth spell of the most promising cricket tournament in Kuwait “YUVA T20 CUP Cricket Tournament – Season IV”. Prominent 16 teams and budding talents across Kuwait, team up for a cricket spectacle; from 10th February to 25th February 2017 in South Khaitan, Kuwait. The highlight of the tournament was the participation of 16 well qualified teams from different provinces of Kuwait; crossing the cultural, regional and religious barriers. This year, the standards of the tournament were raised to very high levels and also the players were presented with substantially high value appreciation and awards. Primary aim of conducting this tournament is not only to promote the value of sports and games among the young generation but also to help the poor and needy one in the society.

The Closing Ceremony of the finals of the YUVA T20 Cup Season 4 began at 7.30 AM at Khaitan Cricket ground on 25th Feb 2017. YUVA FALCONS and JCC; the two finalists displayed a wonderful match with high professional standard & sportsman spirit and the audiences witnessed some remarkable cricket moments.

Final closing ceremony started with prayers and after that YUVAJYOTHI officially celebrated birthday of our Spiritual Director Rev. Fr.Binoy Kochukarikkathil. YuvaJyothi presented the beautiful birthday cake to Fr. Binoy, which was cut and distributed to all those who were present. The charm of the day was that, both teams were guided to walk into the tournament ground by our KMRM children for introduction and best of luck from KMRM officials & YuvaJyothi leaders.

The match between the two teams was just amazing by presence of top talented players in both teams, at the end of the day YUVA FALCONS won comfortably to clinch the YUVA T20 title with loss of one wicket.

The Post Match Presentation Ceremony started with Kuwait National Anthem and was presided over by Mr.Shiphin Philip, Yuvajyothi Convener .Tournament Jt. Convener Mr. Tinkoo Joy welcomed KMRM officials, chief guests and all KMRM and Yuvayothi members to the event. Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochkarikkathil inaugurated the closing ceremony.The sponsors of the tournament, Mr.George, the Marketing manager of UAE Exchange Kuwait, Mr.Robert, M/s Jerob General Trading Company were the special guests. Mr.Santhosh Koshy, Vice President-KMRM & Tournament Manger, Mr.Shaji Kunjachen, Gen Secretary-KMRM and Mr.Rajan Thottathil, Treasurer-KMRM, Mr.Samon A.O,KMRM Advisory Board Vice Chairman, Mr.Jogimon KMRM working sec, Mr.Saji Varghes ,KMRM office sec, Mr.Varghese Baby,KMRM Jt.Treasurer, Mr.Jimmy Idiculla ,YuvaJyothi Animator, Mrs.Annie koshy, FOM Convener, Adv.Shibu Jacob,YUVA T20 Patron, Mr.Juby George YUVA T20 Convener were present and they appreciated the organizing committee for their efforts put in. Mr. George released the Tournament Souvenir and handed over to Mr. Diju Alexander, Souvenir Convener.

The winner's trophy was Jointly handed over by Mr.Shiphin Philip (YUVAJYOTHI Convener) & Juby George (YUVA T20 Convener) and cash Prize of KD 101/- was given by Mr.George ,UAE Exchange Kuwait to YUVA FALCONS . Similarly Mr.Santhosh Koshy(KMRM Vice President) & Mr.Samon A O (Advisory Board Vice Chairman ) handed over the Runners-Up Trophy and cash prize of KD 51/- was given by Mr.Robert M/s Jeromb International Trading company to JCC team and Mr. Jimmy Idiculla ( YuvaJyothi Animator) handed over the Man of the series to Mr. Shafeek of YUVA FALCONS. Both team members were received the medals from Rev.Fr. Binoy Kochukarikkathil & KMRM officials.

Mr.Juby George (YUVA T20 Convener) delivered the vote of thanks and the meeting was concluded with the National Anthem of India.

YuvaJyothi sincerely expressing our gratitude for all the guidelines and support extended to this tournament by our spiritual director Rev. Fr. Benoy Kochukarikathil,, KMRM managing committee, Advisory Board, Prayer coordinators ,Our sponsors, well-wishers and the entire KMRM family.

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Way of CROSS and Evening Prayers during the Great Fast 05.03.2017

Way of CROSS and evening Prayers are scheduled during the Great Fast, On every Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7.30pm, at St. Theresa’s Hall (Third Basement). Area-Prayer groups (Sector1, Sector2, Sector3 and Sector4), are coordinating this arrangements. All are invited.

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Bethelehem Nite-2017 31.01.2017 upd.04.02.2017

The 23rd Family Get-Together, Christmas and New Year celebrations of KMRM “Bethelehem Nite-2017” was held at Indian Central School Auditorium, Abbassiya, Kuwait on Friday, 27th January 2017. The KMRM family get-together includes various competitions, public meeting, Santa shows and cultural programs arranged with the support of Yuva Jyothi, Friends of Mary and Baladeepam.

The public function began with KMRM Anthem, which was proudly presented with musical instruments by KMRM choir Team. The public meeting started with a Prayer song by Ms. Deepa Anu and Miss Stephy K. Yuhannon read the Bible verses. KMRM President Mr. Isac Kadakampallil presided the meeting and the gathering was welcomed by Mr. Shaji Kunjachen (General Secretary KMRM). The Bethelehem Nite-2017 was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest Most. Rev. Fr. Mathews Kunnepurayidom Francis, OCD (Vicar General of the Vicariate Apostolic of Kuwait.). Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikkathil (Spiritual Director KMRM) gave the introductory address. Mr. George Thomas (Advisory Board Chairman) felicitated the function.

KMRM Spiritual Director Rev. Fr.Binoy, KMRM President Mr. Isac Kadakampallil, Mrs. Catherine Binu (Faith Formation Headmistress), Mrs. Annie Koshy (Convener Friends of Mary), Mr. Anil George Rajan (Yuvajyothi Jt.Convener) and Master Joyal Saji (Convener Baladeepam) lighted the traditional lamp with the Main Guest Most. Rev. Fr. Mathews Kunnepurayidom Francis, OCD (Vicar General of the Vicariate Apostolic of Kuwait.), as part of the inaugural ceremony.

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KMRM Membership campaign for the year 2016-17, was officially launched at the stage by Mr. Varghese Baby (Jt. Treasurer). Raffle coupons for the upcoming mega event Harvest Festival Haritholsav-2017 was released. Raffle Coupon Convener Mr. Rajan Thottathil handed over the coupon to Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikkathil who in turn released the coupon and handed over to Mr. Isac Kadakampallil. KMRM Harvest Festival Haritholsav will be held on 28th April 2017.

The public function was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Rajan Thottathil (Treasurer, KMRM). The highlights of the get-together were the various cultural programs and the competitions among the seven prayer groups of KMRM, details as below:


1. Christmas Corner : Christmas Tree competition accompanied with Nadan Carol song. Seven prayer groups participated in Christmas corner competition. St. John’s Prayer Group won the first place. Mary Matha Fahaheel and St. Mary’s Prayer group won the second and third places respectively.

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2. Christmas Carol Song : As usual it was a tight competition where Abbassiya St. John’s prayer group came First Place, Mar Ivanios Salmiya won the Second and Mary Matha Fahaheel Prayer Group won the Third Place.

3. Santa Competition: Santa Show Competition (L.K.G & U.K.G) Nathen Jacon won the first place. Adona Anna Ranna, Jeevan Mathew won second and third places respectively.

Santa Show Competition (1st 2nd & 3rd ): Dia Pramod won the first place. Adonis Varghese, Anoha Mariya Santhosh won the second and third places respectively.

4. Participation : Shalom Prayer Group, Abbassiya bagged the prize for overall participation.

Cultural Programs :

Friends of Mary Kitchen Dance: KMRM Friends of Mary team came up with a rocking kitchen dance performance. The dance was the first of its kind in KMRM history. The crowd enjoyed the performance of our Friends of Mary.

Tableau by Baladeepam: KMRM baladeepam presented their award winning item, Tableau with the coordination of MCLS teachers, and Baladeepam convener Master Joyal Saji.

Santa Show : Organized by Baladeepam for students doing Faith Formation 1,2, and third standards. Ms. Catherine Binu, Headmistress, Faith Formation coordinated the students.

THERUVUNADAKAM by YuvaJyothi: Every year YuvaJyothi is coming up with some unique program and this year also we did it the on stage with some social commitment. The theme reflects “Current culture of the society, how much we all are sincere in God’s faith, who we are following and who we should follow and where we all will end up not matter how high we travel?

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Our spiritual director Rev.Fr.Binoy Kochukarikkathil who wrote and directed the show and all participants were our active YuvaJyothi Members. The program is highly appreciated by the entire crowd. Key Participants, Jomon Cherian, Jomon Daniel, Tinkoo Joy, Lince John, Anil George, Sanoop, Jobin Thomas, Joseph Sebastian, Baptist Ambrose.

Mr. Binu K. John compared the entire event. Nikitha Ann Sam, Binitha Maria Thomas, and Anugrapha Anna Shaju sequenced the public function. The snack stall operated by Friends of Mary was very useful for many, particularly the kids on the windy-cold evening.

Hot food served on time, during the chilling evening was the main feature of the event. All praised for the quality, and distribution of the food. It was a fun-filled day when all the members and families joined to celebrate the joy of Christmas and to welcome the New Year. Thanking one and all for making the event a grand success!

The whole program was proudly coordinated by Mr. Jojimon Thomas, (General Convenor of the event).

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Holy QURBONO Schedule

Every Thursday 07.00 pm
Virgin Mary Hall
Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City

Every Sundays 07.30 pm
St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

Every Fourth Friday 4.30pm at St. Daniel Comboni, 3rd basement.

First Friday of every month, 7.00pm
Chavara Hall, Shaab

 2nd Monday 07.30 pm
Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

3rd Monday 07.30 pm
St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

Syro Malankara Faith Formation (SMFF)

2.00pm to 4.00pm on every Fridays, Third Basement, St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya.

Prayer Schedule


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