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Mr. A.V. THOMAS(68) father of Mr. Vivek Thomas (V042 - Ahamdi Area, Arabia Matha Prayer group, Judith Kudumba Koottaima) was called to heaven for his eternal reward on 22nd March 2020. Funeral will be later at Mar Bahanan Malankara Catholic Church, Vazhamuttam, Pathanamthitta.

Mr. A.V.Thomas is a former Advisory Board and Managing Committee member of KMRM, Kuwait.

Let us join with this family to pray for the departed soul to rest in peace and God Almighty give strength and courage to bear this untimely and unexpected loss.

KMRM expresses Heart felt condolence and pray to the Almighty that his family may find solace in God.

Membership Campaign Inauguration 2020

KMRM’s 2020-year Membership campaign inaugurated in the Central Managing Committee Meeting. Mr. Sanu Varghese-Joint Treasurer (General Funds & Membership) handed over the membership to Mr. Geevarghese Mathew (Area President-Abbasiya) in the presence of KMRM Spiritual Director - Rev. Fr. John Thundiyathu.

KMRM conducted the first program SEREIN-2020, on Wednesday, 26th Feb 2020, with the great support of 106 members, including Central Working Committee members, Area Committees, Sector Coordinators, Kudumba Koottayma Leaders and Family members.

KMRM Action Plan Inauguration-2020

KMRM inaugurated the Action Plan for the year 2020 on Wednesday, 26th Feb 2020, in the occasion of SEREIN-2020 with a prayer by KMRM Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. John Thundiyath. Few more Working Committee members took oath after the prayer session.

The Action Plan Inauguration ceremony started with the Welcome speech by Mr. Jubin P. Mathew, General Secretary – KMRM, Introductory speech by Rev. Fr. John Thundiyath, Spiritual Director–KMRM and Presidential speech by Mr. Jogimon Thomas, President–KMRM. Following this, the ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. George Pulickan, a famous journalist and motivational speaker by lighting the lamp in the presence of KMRM Central Committee, Presidents of all Areas, MCYM & Mathruvedi. Rev Fr. John Thundiyath expressed his gratitude and handed over a memento to the Chief Guest, Mr. George Pulickan on behalf of KMRM. Mr. Babuji Bathery, Advisory Board Chairman delivered the greetings to KMRM Central Committee. The meeting ended with a Vote of thanks by Mr. Riju P. Raju, KMRM – Treasurer. Mr. Libu John, Working Secretary compered Serein -2020.

KMRM Planner Releasing -2020

KMRM Central Managing Committee released the Annual Program Schedule (Planner- 2020) in the occasion of the KMRM Action Plan inauguration ceremony in SEREIN-2020. Senior Vice President Mr. O.M. Mathew handed over the planner to Rev Fr. John Thundiyath who officially released it and handed over to KMRM General Secretary Mr. Jubin P. Mathew.

KMRM Leadership Training

The second segment of SEREIN-2020, was started by Mr. Babuji Bathery about Leadership and Decentralization system with an ice breaker game. He divided the participants in 10 groups with each group having 8 to 10 members. He then sent the 10 groups for a group discussion and collected their findings on a chart paper. Each group was invited to the stage and after a self-introduction, they explained their findings.

After this segment, Rev. Fr. John Thundiyath interacted with KMRM members and explained everything in a simple manner. He also took questions from the audience and clarified all their doubts.

This program was very helpful to all attendees and moreover it was a very encouraging experience for the KMRM Central Managing Committee for their upcoming programs. SEREIN-2020 concluded at 4:30 p.m. with a Vote of thanks by Mr. Jiju Varghese, Office Secretary.

KMRM Swears in New Central Managing Committee

The Oath-taking of Central Managing Committee members, Advisory Board Members, Election Commissioner’s, auditors , Central working committee Members for the year 2020 took place at Virgin Mary Hall, Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City after the Holy Qurbono on 13 th February 2020. Rev.Fr.John Thundiayath , KMRM spiritual director presided over the ceremony.

KMRM Elected New Central Managing Commitee

The annual election of KMRM was completed according to the De-centralization structure and has formed the 26th year Central Managing Committee on 6th February 2020. The General Body meeting started after the Holy Mass in the Virgin Mary Hall, City Cathedral with the prayer lead by the spiritual Director Rev.Fr. John Thundiath. George Thomas, Election Commissioner welcomed the gathering of the 26th Annual election.  The De-Centralization report was presented by Babuji Batheri, the Chairman of the De-Centralization. The Chief Election Commissioner, Binu K. John explained the election process and conducted the election with George Thomas and Rajan Thottathil, the Election Commissioners.

The General Body of KMRM elected the following members from the elected Central Working Committee (CWC) and they are entrusted with  the following positions in the 26th Central Managing Committee of KMRM.

Central Executive Commitee
Jogimon Thomas  -  President
Jubin P.Mathew  -  General Secretary
Riju P.Raju  -  Treasurer
O.M Mathew  -  Senior Vice President
Sajitha Scaria  -  Vice President (Administration)
Libu John  -  Working Secretary
Jiju Varghese  -  Office Secretary
Sanu Varghese  -  Joint Treasurer (General Funds & Membership)
Shibu Mathew  -  Joint Treasurer (Projects)

After completing the Central Managing Committee election, the General Body elected the following committees too.

Advisory Board
Babuji Batheri (Abbassiya)  -  Chairman
Kuruvilla Thomas (Salmiya)  -  Member

Shaji Varghese  -  Chief Auditor
Santhosh P.Antony  -  Auditor
Catherine Binu  -  Auditor

Election Commissioners
Binu K.John  -  Chief Election Commissioner
George Thomas  -  Election Commissioner
Alex Varghese  -  Election Commissioner
Jacob Thomas  -  Election Commissioner
Liju P. Abraham  -  Election Commissioner

By-Law Committee
Kuruvilla Thomas  -  Chairman
Advisory Board and Election Commissioners are members of the By-Law committee.

The General body gave permission to the newly elected Central Managing Committee to co-opt and fill the remaining positions in the Managing Committee(1 Position), Advisory Board(2 Positions) and Auditor(1Position) respectively.

After the election, Jogimon Thomas, the newly elected president addressed the gathering and Jubin P.Mathew, the General Secretary rendered the vote of thanks. The Annual General Election process was winded up with the blessings of our Spiritual Director.

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KMRM called first Central Working Committee

4th Feb 20 - 20, is a another legend marked in the history of KMRM.

The very first Central Working Committee (CWC) of KMRM was called according to the decentralization structure and elected 10 Central Executive Committee Members who will become the new office bearers for the 26th year.

The meeting started with the prayer lead by our spiritual director Rev.Fr. John Thundiath. Babuji Batheri, the decentralization committee Chairman presented the report of de-centralisation, Binu K.John, the Chief Election Commissioner had explained the CWC election process and conducted it.

The meeting was welcomed by George Thomas(EC) and Rajan Thottathil(EC) rendered the vote of thanks.

Following members were unanimously elected to the Central executive Committee.

1.Joji Mon Thomas
2.Sajitha Scaria
3.Jiju Varghese
4. O.M Mathew

1.Shibu Mathew
2. Libu John

1.Shaji Kunjachen
2.Jubin P. Mathew

1.Riju P Raju
2. Sanu Varghese


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Holy QURBONO Schedule

Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City

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St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

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  • Every Third Friday 5.00pm, 3rd Basement

St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

  • Every 1st Friday 7.00pm, Chavara Hall, Shaab

  • Every 2nd Monday 7.30pm

Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

  • Every 3rd Friday 3.00pm

  • Every 2nd Monday 7.30pm

Syro Malankara Catholic Faith Formation (SMCFF)

11.30am to 1.30pm on every Fridays, Third Basement, St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya.

8.00am to 9.30am on every Fridays, Our lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi.

8.00am to 9.30am on every Fridays, Dana Building, Salmiya.

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